How Connected Are Your Roots?

What is standing between you and pain relief? Apparently, most pairs of shoes you own. Grounding has been around for ages and has seemingly made its way into mainstream conversation. Walking barefoot outside and connecting to conductive systems that transfer energy from the ground into the body link us to Earth’s subtle electric charge. No worries, this barefoot revolution won’t get you electrocuted!

Emerging scientific research supports the concept that Earth's electrons stimulate multiple physical changes, including reduced pain, better sleep, and a reduction in blood thickness. Richard Feynman’s umbrella effect explained a process where the body becomes an extension of the global circuit when their electrical potential is the same and Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? contains expanded clinical research confirming anecdotal testimonials shared for some time now.

Grounding strongly influences bio-electrical, bio-energetic, and biochemical processes and appears to curb many symptoms related to inflammation and chronic illness. Our ancestors not only kept an ear to the ground, but they naturally maintained a closer relationship with Mother Earth with only leather sandals and animal skin separating them throughout the day. In a world of sanitizers and wet wipes, one might hesitate to spend 30-40 minutes today laying on their back looking up to the sky or grasping cool blades of grass between the toes for fear of infectious bacteria. However, the experts have deemed the benefits greater than the risks on this treatment! If you’re still a bit of a germophobe, there are grounding mats and similar devices to be used indoors. You can even make your own!

Grounding (also known as Earthing) is not promoted as a cure to chronic illness or disease and research has shown a slow return of symptoms when grounding is discontinued. Much like meditation, it helps if you can dedicate a small amount of time each day. In fact, you can most likely do the two at the same time.

You’re probably wondering how to get going with this affordable treatment right? The Earthing Institute has a wealth of information available online explaining the history, benefits, and how to start accessing relief with grounding science. Reconnecting with self and the environment helps to balance and regulate mental and physical functions. Don’t just take our word. Check out the research!

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