Self-Care Quickies

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Self-care regimens can be as complex as an international vacation or as simple as positive affirmations and time alone. How it is interpreted varies, but there is no argument self-care is deliberate and aimed at nourishing both mental and physical well-being. Busy schedules are becoming a primary excuse to explain why many don’t engage in a regular self-care routine. As a result, PGPS wants to share a few hacks anyone can fuse into a day without breaking the bank or adding additional time to the schedule. Check out these hacks to combat a busy day before you get dressed:

Candle Comfort

It can be stressful waking up to a busy agenda for the day and returning home may be the last thought on your mind. Creating a relaxing environment for the return home can happen in the time it takes to complete your morning routine.

Try lighting a vanilla or eucalyptus scented candle upon waking to prepare for your return home. Inhaling eucalyptus increases brain wave activity and helps manage physical and mental fatigue. International Flavors and Fragrances Inc. found inhaling eucalyptus can increase energy. Vanilla stimulates the secretion of hormones, like estrogen and testosterone, which contributes to libido health. Vanilla essential oil also acts as a sedative and soothes the body while reducing inflammation induced by allergens, anxiety, and stress.

Vanillin hydroxybenzaldehyde is a component of vanilla essential oil that acts as an effective anti-depressant and mood booster. Burning the candles in the morning leave a lingering aroma for your return and serves as a precursor to an evening regimen.

Amped Aroma

If you’re pressed for time, it’s hard to imagine relaxing in a bathtub filled with water and bath bombs, so this hack is for the brief time you spend in the shower. Use a diffuser to create a pleasant aromatic experience while getting ready for the day. Fill a diffuser with lavender and bergamot essential oil to reduce stress and anxiety before taking on your crazy agenda. If you want to tackle dry skin, add some steam by turning your dial to the hottest setting you can stand in-between lathering. Steam naturally moisturizes the skin and gives it a healthy dewy look. Steam also increases circulation, causing more blood to flow to your face. According to Acne Magazine, increased blood circulation promotes healthy skin by delivering oxygen and nutrients while eliminating waste.

DIY Facial

Essential oils can be inhaled, ingested, or used topically for many health benefits. Topical application penetrates rapidly and is safe when diluted with a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut. Make no mistake, all oils are not created equal when it comes to your face as some may clog and cause irritation. Don’t forget, pimples are just a concoction of sebum and dead skin clogging the pore and oil assists with ridding your skin of this debris. We checked out Body Unburdened blogger who suggests using Jojoba or Hemp seed oil as a carrier (in addition to a few others). Besides being listed as one of the seven most effective essential oils to help with anxiety and stress, Chamomile helps diminish minor scars and dark spots on your face. Mix 20-25 drops with every 100mL of jojoba (keeping in mind an 8oz mason jar is about 250mL) to create a natural cleanser supporting healthy skin and free of toxins.

We've only shared a few hacks, stay tuned for several more! Self-care doesn't need to be long, it simply needs to be incorporated. Join our email list for other ways to care for your mental and physical health daily!