Peer Support Services

PGPS provides peer support to those with depression and mood disorders with a person-centered approach focused on recovery and development of self-help skills. Advocacy, crisis management support, and skills training are some of the topics explored by examining seven aspects of wellness- spiritual, emotional, financial, social, physical, environmental, and intellectual. PGPS offers support through face-to-face, virtual, and remote mail settings.

Pretty Convenient Shopper

PGPS offers personal shopping and errand services for a flat rate per trip regardless of the number of items on the list. Schedule a trip weekly or less often for those managing physical and/or emotional limitations. PGPS accommodates both long and short-term requests.  NEW!!! Purchase prepared meals with PGPS for one or many meals.

Teen Depression Workshop

Workshops are designed to help parents, educators, and peers understand suicidal behavior in adolescents, including its causes, treatment, and prevention. Contact us to register or schedule a workshop at your site

Diversity and Inclusion Workshops

This free hands-on educational program is designed for children from K-6 and focuses on contributions made by heroes in history despite personal challenges like race and physical limitations. The program offers teacher supplements as the workshop compliments California outcomes outlined for elementary students. Contact us to receive the supplement and/or schedule a free class or home school presentation.