To inspire and empower women managing stigma associated with mental health and chronic illness.



An empowered society, even in remote areas, where women generate opportunity for themselves and others by working to eliminate stigma associated with mental health through advocacy, education, and broadening public awareness with the intent of enhancing life at home, school, work, and play.


Pretty Girl Passion Society (PGPS) provides unique approaches to peer support, advocacy, and mental health awareness for a diverse community of women who lack access to services because they are underinsured or elude access to services because of stigma.

We believe a diagnosis is a lifestyle, not just a label and support person-centered approaches where participants navigate a unique road to recovery by evaluating aspects of wellness to increase social and emotional abilities benefitting work, school, and play.

Supportive services are delivered in unique participatory environments online, face-to-face, and through traditional mail.

The co-founders of PGPS bring more than 15 years of experience in social services and broadcast media to the conversation and understand what it's like to be on both sides of the mental health conversation, as professionals and as women fighting stigma.

We are committed to out-of-the-box experiences designed to build self-esteem and produce positive outcomes with a holistic approach directed at increasing quality of life. We are also committed to support growth and mental health policy leading to more inclusive social and work opportunities.

Thank you for helping women discover passion and a reason to live out loud to eliminate the stigma associated with mental health and chronic illness.


“When I first heard of Pretty Girl Passion Society, I thought it was for people who wanted to be someone else and didn’t feel anything passionate about themselves. After a few conversations with Shea, I see she wants  to help people discover what’s on the inside instead of just the outside.” -JT

“Thank you for helping my friend out, she was just in tears and couldn’t believe someone would help her. She moved away from an abuser and could not believe there are people out there willing to help. You guys are truly heaven sent.” -BW